Merrill Edge
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Gain an Edge

  • Client: Merrill Edge
  • Firm: Beam Interactive
  • Role: Art & Creative Direction
  • Online: www.merrilledge.com (since redesigned into the Bankofamerica.com family)

Merrill Edge is the discount brokerage born of the Bank of America merger with Merrill Lynch. As Edge prepared to launch, we teamed up with the talented folks at Hill Holiday to help out on the digital side, with branded OLA, web site design, and digital assets.

As a bonus, we threw in some extra thoughts on new places to bring investment knowledge and advice to more and more people. Perhaps banners with more of an... edge. Or integrated into a premium online shopping environment. Or to "offices" in the wild, without walls but with expert financial advisors (and decent coffee, long before Capital One thought of it).

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Brookline, MA