I'm 6 feet tall. I take lots of pictures around town. I try to ride my bike everywhere. I always read directions (my neighbors recruit me to build their Ikea purchases). I like Starbucks *and* the Dunk (and Peet's, and Cafe Nero, and...).


I span X-Acto knives and spray mount, across the age of Flash, to responsive design, mobile, and social strategy. While my experience is broad, I like to think my liberal arts background brings a bit of depth.

I'm an English major, a cynical optimist (an optimistic cynic?), a designer, and most importantly, a Dad. I love learning, reading, and working with my hands. I wonder why every bootstrap template features meaningless animating bars of dubious statistical value...

Inherent Knowledge of 60%
Guarded Tolerance of 80%
Unconditional Acceptance of 50%
Mild Distrust of 90%

Brookline, MA